May 25


This is a Jaguar jumping onto a tree

Jaguars are amazing animals. They can climb trees and swim very well.  Jaguars can walk through the rainforest, where they live, and other animals would just run away. Those animals are pretty smart because jaguars are the top predator of the rainforest. Jaguars will eat just about any animal that it finds. Even caimans, which are crocodile like animals. The jaguars special pattern helps them blend in really well which makes them the “Ninjas of the Rainforest.” They would probably be one of the best hiders if they played Hide and Go Seek.

This is a Jaguar climbing down a tree while hunting for an animal

May 20

Black Jaguars

Black Jaguar climbing on a tree


Black Jaguar Facts

Black Jaguars are very rare. People rarely ever see them. They are so sneaky that some people walk right past the black Jaguar like nothing was there and nothing dangerous was there but there was. Many people don’t even see them! That’s because of the jaguars black camouflage. They blend in perfectly with the shadows. They’re just like ninjas of the forest. Black Jaguars and other jaguars eat just about any living thing in the forest. Black jaguars are also one of the only types of big cats and just about the only cat that swims, and they love it. They stand on top of the caimans and sink them in the water until they don’t have any breath left. Most jaguars only have one predator: Humans. That’s why Jaguars are so endangered. Especially black jaguars.

Life as a Black Jaguar

Hi! I’m a Black Jaguar.  Black Jaguars as well as many other jaguars, we’re quite endangered because of one thing: humans.  Some people try to kill us to make a fortune and for nothing else. It’s quite unfair for us Jaguars. We don’t have much of a life with the time that we have. But I still love hiding from things and then hunting them. Good thing we’re one of the top predators in the rainforest. We just stand in the bushes so quiet that things and people don’t even know that we’re here. Some of my favorite foods are deer, caimans, monkeys, and much more. We are also great climbers. When we catch some prey, we climb up trees and eat it there so not many other predators will be able to steel our food. Trees are also great places to sleep too. Sometimes we lay down and take naps just about anywhere we want. Though we are rare and have short lives, we have great lives.

May 19

Basilisk Lizards

Cool Facts About Basilisks


Basilisk Lizards are a type of lizard that can actually run on water. Not only can they swim, but they can hold their breath  for a half hour, and are great climbers. Basilisk lizards love fruit. Basilisks are super fast leapers which helps them keep safe from predators like the Harpy Eagle or big fish.

Life as a Basilisk

I can swim underwater and can climb big trees and walk and run on water. Though I’m graceful at many things, I still have to watch out for my main predators such as the Harpy’s, Humans, Snakes and Opossums. I love running on water and having a great time. My favorite foods are insects, fruit, small rodents and small pieces of other lizards. That means I’m an omnivore. An omnivore is an animal that eats plants or fruit and meat from other animals.


April 27

A Game That You Might Like

I love playing a game that’s called Ghosty Night. It is very fun if you like to running games. But, you have to work with strategy. You also have to be good at getting around people without getting touched. In the following paragraph I will tell you how to play and what you’re supposed to do. I hope that you will like to learn and read how to play Ghosty Night!

            How to Play

One person starts out as a “ghost.” The other people tell the ghost where their base is. The runners will count like this: One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four. Five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock and more. Eight o’clock nine o’clock, ten o’clock, height. Eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock, Ghosty Night! Then the runners start running around the house {The game is normally played around the house} while the “ghost” is hiding somewhere.

If you get tagged, you are a “ghost” with the starting ghost almost like infection tag. If you get through the “ghost,” you run back to the starting spot. {You have to run all the way around the house} Then you will start counting again. This will keep alternating until the last person gets  tagged. The last person tagged is the “ghost” for the next round. This keeps going around until you decide to stop.


In this game you must run all the way around the house to get back to base. You may not stay at the base and say that you made it around. There is no pushing or shoving. There must be three of more players playing at one time. I recommend not having many more than thirty players playing at once. This game is kid and adult friendly!

Strategies for the ghost

The “ghost” can hide anywhere around the house that they would like. My strategy for being the “ghost” is hiding in the most narrow spot around the house. Then I hide behind something and right when the runners are coming around to get back to the base, you jump right in front of them. Another one of my strategies is hiding right before when they would get back to the base you jump in front of them while they’re thinking that they were able to get all the way around the house without getting tagged.

Strategies for the runners

For the runners some strategies might be sprinting through, but that wouldn’t be my first choice. One of my strategies is running on opposite sides of the “ghost,” so the “ghost” can’t get both of you. Another one of my strategies is putting one of your best runners as a distraction and having the other runners go through and run after them.

What is your favorite game? Do you like Ghosty Night? If you do please comment back and tell me. Thank You!

April 27

My Favorite Foods

I love to eat, many people do too. My mom is a great cook and I love just about every food that she makes. My favorite breakfast is homemade biscuits and gravy. My favorite food for homemade lunch is probably B.L.Ts{bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with homemade bread}. One of my favorite dinners is pizza. I like pizza because it has lots of different flavors. My favorite kind of homemade pizza is meat-lovers. To make pizza, you have to have the following things: a crust, cheese {any kind}, red or white sauce, and whatever other toppings you would like.

Meat-lovers pizza

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich


Biscuits and gravy

April 22

“Sled-boarding” In The Snow

I went “sled-boarding” in the snow a couple of days ago. You probably don’t know what it is and how to do it. That’s why I’m going to tell you. “Sled-boarding” is just like snowboarding on a sled. Once you get the hang of it, it gets pretty easy. It is very fun but it can also be dangerous. So I’ll teach you how to do it. Step 1: Dress as warm as possible. [If you want to wear a helmet]. Step 2: If you don’t have along a skinny sled, buy one. Step 3: Make sure it is snow and not ice. Step 4: Find a hill. Step 5: Carefully stand up on the sled. Step 6: Start inching your way to the start of the hill. Step 7: Carefully balance and try not to fall! Once you have mastered that and want a challenge, I’ll tell you another way to do it. Place your sled right at the bottom of the hill. Then step back three feet. Next run and jump on the sled and try to keep your balance now! And if that’s easy, go snowboarding.

April 20

USS BlueBack {SS 581} Omsi Tour

            A few weeks ago, my family went on the OMSI Submarine Tour in Portland, OR. I found out that the name of the submarine is the USS Blueback {SS 581}. It was very fun. Our tour guide actually worked on a submarine in the Torpedo room in World War II. He didn’t work on the USS Blueback {SS 581}. He worked on a different submarine. He said that he stayed pretty fit when he worked in the Torpedo Room.  I will tell you a little bit about the tour.

The Kitchen

            When you work on a submarine, it is hard work. In the kitchen you would have to wash all the dishes and make breakfast, lunch and dinner for around 70 people every day!! Would you like to do that? I wouldn’t. The baker made so many different and delicious meals that some of you might want to work on a submarine just to eat the foods. There was also an ice cream maker on the submarine. They had only one flavor: vanilla.

On Break

            When some work crews were on break, they got to watch a movie. Apparently there was only one movie that they brought with them. Our tour guide said that one group got to watch the movie so much that they put the T.V on mute and played the parts by themselves! Our guide was not on the crew though.

The Torpedo Room

            The Torpedo Room was my personal favorite.  There are so many giant torpedo’s that are on either side of you. To launch the torpedo, the crew in the Torpedo Room had to lift the torpedo and put it into a tube. When they were ready they would do something and the torpedo would launch. Today they have torpedo’s that would get launched at their target and if their target moved, it would follow them. The torpedo is not loud. Before then, the torpedo would only go straight and the torpedo was very loud. That means before the newer torpedo’s, the target could move and avoid the torpedo. 


The Control Room

            In the Control Room, you would think the people in it would get totally confused with all the buttons and levers surrounding you. I would get completely discombobulated and scatterbrained if I had that job. There are probably more than a thousand different buttons in the control room.


History Of The USS Blueback {SS 581}

The USS BueBack is not used today. However, it was used in World War II. The USS Blueback {SS 581} was launched on May 16, 1959. The USS Blueback {SS 581} was the last non-nuclear sub to join the US Navy. The USS Blueback {SS 581} got it’s name from the form of a steelhead or rainbow trout, which only live in the Lake Crescent of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. The Blueback is also named after the blueback salmon. The USS Blueback {SS 581} was awarded two war badges for some Vietnam War Service. The Blueback was in a few movies that are listed here: Samurai, The Hunt for Red October, and the Season 2, episodes 10 and 11, from the television show Portlandia.

The following video is a scene from a movie, but is not actually the USS Blueback.

Have you ever been on a submarine?


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April 14


Life in Space

            Have you ever wanted to see the stars up close? Have you ever wanted to feel weightless? If you answered yes to those questions, you might be interested in a job as an astronaut. However, the job of being an astronaut is very hard. Not only being an astronaut hard on their body, but they need to train a lot before going into space, and they have difficult jobs to do while they are in space.

            First, being in as space is hard on the astronaut’s  body. According to source #2, “Astronaut’s other muscles and their bones can also get weaker.” On Earth we run around and exercise with gravity, which makes muscles and bones grow strong. In space, their is no gravity so astronauts  have to exercise extra hard to keep their muscles and bones strong.  If you see astronaut’s headed to space with a treadmill, now you know why.

            Not only is being an astronaut hard on the body, you also have to train a lot on Earth before going to space. In source #1 it says, “Astronauts take scuba diving classes because it feels almost the same underwater as it is in space.” So, if you go to the pool or the beach a lot you might have a little bit of experience of what it feels like in space. I think that the training would be very hard to do. The astronauts have to learn medical skills and how to fix things if something goes wrong.

            3rd, astronauts also have difficult jobs in space. Astronauts have very important jobs. According to source #1: “1. Astronauts have to learn how to fix things that break. 2. The pilot has to learn how to drive the spaceship at very fast speed. 3. The boss of the spaceship has to tell everyone on the spaceship what their jobs are and what to do. 4. A few people on the spacecraft have to learn how to obserb things in the space that are unknown.” I think that the hardest job would be learning how to fix things.


            Astronauts do not have it easy. As you have read, just going to space can harm an astronaut’s body. Even before they go into space, they have to train for hours to prepare. Once the astronauts are in space, they have to learn the difficult jobs of an astronaut. So when you look at a spaceship racing into space, remember that the people inside worked very hard. Would you ever like to go to space and see the stars up close?

Neil Armstrong

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Source #2 “Life in Space”  by Aaron Higgins

Picture by: DCBARROCO

April 5

Gaga’s Vocabulary

Our vocabulary teacher, Gaga, comes into our class every Thursday. She teaches us crazy words and idioms that I wouldn’t know today. To name a few: Tintinnabulation: the joyful ringing of bells. Zugzwang: in a situation where either choice is bad. Quintessential: to be totally perfect to you. When Gaga tells us an idiom, she tells us the derivation. The derivation is how it got it’s name. A lot of you may know the idiom: It’s raining cats and dogs. The derivation is that in the older days, people would make homes out of a hill. The cats and dogs would sit on the top of the roof and relax in the sun. But  when it started to rain, the dogs and cats would jump off the roof and come running in the house.

Gaga also plays “blurt” with us. She takes a pack of normal blurt cards and mixes the normal cards with her own cards of the words she has taught us. It is very fun. When you get one of her cards right you also get to read a normal card. If you get a card right, you get to pick out a fake coin. Once you have 25 coins you can get a candy bar.  It is one of my favorite subjects in school.

My favorite vocabulary word is tintinnabulation


What is your favorite vocabulary word???

Thank you DC IELTS